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FörfattareTensar International

DatumOct 31 2017

Tensar’s Spectra Pavement Optimisation system was named Industry Product of the Year at the Highways Awards on 18 October, in recognition of the technical, environmental and safety benefits it brings to highways projects.

The judges said they were particularly impressed by the environmental aspects of Spectra Pavement Optimisation, which incorporates Tensar’s TriAx geogrids to create mechanically stabilised aggregate layers that contribute to, and improve, overall pavement performance.

Tim Oliver, Tensar’s Vice President Global Product Management and Technology, said: “We are delighted to receive this accolade. Spectra Pavement Optimisation is helping to deliver many successful road projects in the UK and around the world and we hope that by winning this award, many more schemes will benefit.

 “The Highway Industry Product of the Year award is presented to an organisation bringing a product or service to the market that initiates a ‘change of thought’ approach or technique that makes an impact on the highways industry through sustainability, efficiency and cost savings. Spectra Pavement Optimisation certainly fits the bill.”

 Spectra Pavement Optimisation can lower the environmental impact of a highway project from design, through construction and operation, by enabling marginal aggregate fill to be used in pavements and reducing material use through optimised design. Additionally, because TriAx geogrid does not degrade, it can be recycled at the end of a road’s operational life.

 At Sleaford Recycling Centre in Lincolnshire, Spectra Pavement Optimisation resulted in significantly less excavation, spoil handling and importing of aggregates. It enabled the use of locally-sourced, low quality recycled aggregate and reduced pavement thickness by 64%, cutting construction costs by 75%.

 Spectra Pavement Optimisation can also lower a project’s embodied energy and CO2e emissions. On the A556 improvement scheme in Cheshire, not only did the approach save an estimated £2m in construction costs by avoiding ‘dig and replace’ of very soft clay, but fewer imported materials were needed as result, avoiding 10,000 lorry movements.

 The Highways Awards are supported by, and judged by senior representatives of, the Institute of Highways Engineers, Highways England, the Department of Transport, Transport Scotland, the Department for Regional Development and the Welsh Government.