Karachi Pakistan stödmurar

Karachi, Pakistan

A part of the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) programme, the Karachi-Hyderabad (M9) 4 lane super-highway required conversion to 8 lanes, as well as re-surfacing of the existing lanes. 


  • 33% cost savings using TensarTech® TW1-ME Wall System
  • Aesthetically pleasing using modular blocks for pedestrian access
  • 75,000 modular concrete blocks were installed successfully
Client's Challenge

Several important design requirements had to be included in this key project, for example a small footprint was necessary due to its location within an urban area and for the same reason, pedestrian access was accommodated within the design. Another key element was that the retaining structures should be aesthetically appealing, due to their proximity to the local population. It was also important that utilities such as water, fibre optics, gas, telephone networks remained accessible.

Tensar Solution

The TensarTech® TW1-ME Wall System was proposed by TerraStructures, Tensar’s partner in Pakistan. This was accepted by the client due to its aesthetically appealing look, structural durability and cost effectiveness.  Reinforced soil steps for pedestrial access were incorporated in the design and customised solutions were designed to accommodate the utilities.