Sleaford återvinningscentral för hushållsavfall

Sleaford, Storbritannien

Spectra Pavement Optimisation System saved time and money on construction of a new recycling centre in Lincolnshire. 


  • 64% reduction in road pavement thickness
  • 75% reduction in pavement construction costs
  • Locally-sourced use of recycled aggregates for capping
  • Mitigation of differential settlement on very weak ground  
Client's Challenge

Construction of a new household waste recycling centre in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, had to deal with very soft, saturated ground. Lincolnshire County Council needed a cost-effective pavement design that would minimise total pavement thickness and also mitigate differential settlement of the trafficked areas in the waste facility.  

Tensar Solution

Tensar’s Spectra Pavement Optimisation System, using TriAx geogrids incorporated into recycled capping and sub-base layers, delivered a pavement design that mitigated differential settlement and removed the need for extensive excavation and replacement of the underlying soils. Fewer imported aggregates and asphalt were required; overall pavement thickness was reduced significantly and £300,000 construction costs were cut.  

Products Used


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