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TensarTech® TR2®

If a structure such as a bridge abutment or retaining wall is needed in temporary works, practicality and economy take priority over aesthetics. The TR2 system is designed to produce straight forward to build temporary structures with face angles between 60 degrees and vertical, for a lower cost of traditional reinforced concrete, and is also used for permanent thrust relief structures.

The system is comprised of  steel mesh face units - lined with durable, heavy duty geotextile - securely connected to Tensar uniaxial geogrid soil reinforcement via Tensar’s highly effective bodkin connection joint. There is no requirement for an external face support or formwork, owing to the rigid steel mesh face being braced internally and held in place by the geogrid and fill material during construction. 

Due to having a design life of up to 120 years, the TensarTech TR2 System can also see use as thrust relief structures. This may be used in the case where an existing retaining wall which must remain in service is unable to take the lateral earth pressure being applied by the backfill (for a design life of more than 60 years, the steel face is usually supplied galvanised), or to reduce or remove earth pressure from acting on buried structures.

TR2 provides an economical and quick solution for thrust relief structures or temporary walls

The TR2 system has been designed to produce temporary structures which are straightforward to build, with face angles between 60° and vertical, for a lower cost compared with traditional reinforced concrete, as well as seeing use as permanent thrust relief structures.

TensarTech TR2® System

The TensarTech TR2 System is provided together with the full design and construction support of our team of experienced engineers. Using our sophisticated TensarSoil software, we can provide a full design and supply service, which includes Professional Indemnity cover, helping you to easily find the complete solution from just one source.

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